Cornerstone Donors

Global Prophetic Alliance must immediately raise at least £1.2M ($1.5M USD) in one-off grants in order to complete purchase of a large city centre facility. We are now pleased to invite Cornerstone Donors to make large gifts towards this, through our restricted charitable building fund.

For example, twelve Cornerstone Donors giving £100,000 each would immediately enable GPA to secure this facility that the global prophetic movement so desperately needs.

Your Commitment
Our Commitment to You

Become a Cornerstone Donor today using the secure giving form below, or continue scrolling to find out more about the exciting building project that you will be supporting. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss your giving/investment further, please click here.

Help us build a home for the prophets

which will be a resourcing centre of truth for the global church

In summer 2023 we began the process of purchasing a large former industrial warehouse. This will become Power Studios, an incredible Christian broadcast and recording facility, that will host the presence of God, equip the saints, and stream truth to the world. We must raise at least $4.5million within three months to make this happen. Every donor who gives to this appeal will be recognised within the new building but, more importantly, you will be sowing into a new global wave of prophets who testify to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Be part of this miracle!

Your gift will help to build a global network resource which is a worship-centred home for the prophets, hosting the presence of God and providing major broadcasting studio facilities for those who communicate truth to the world with boldness and passion, using innovative online platforms. It will be a place of gathering, belonging and equipping for the international community of prophets.

A world-class broadcasting facility

A warehouse studio/broadcasting facility will enable us to significantly increase the quantity and quality of our broadcast output, and host accessible training conferences and ministry events for the benefit of the global church. This means more programmes like POWER HOUR, WHAT THE PROPHETS SAY, DECREE THE WEEK and more! And it means more online courses, seminars, interviews, live worship events, and services.

A home for prophets

According to Scripture, prophets do best in companies, where they can sharpen each other, worship God and be rooted in purity, truth and authentic living.

There are very few places in the world where prophets are able to gather around the clock, day after day, to seek the Lord, host His presence and speak out revelation with boldness and clarity. However, for nearly fifteen years Glasgow has been one such pioneering hub for a community of prophetic people.

A secure and permanent base would bring even more stability, belonging, and rootedness to the global prophetic movement. Healed prophets, who are whole and well, make good prophets!

We anticipate welcoming thousands of people from around the world – like you – to visit this base to worship, be equipped and be inspired. Glasgow has been a place of Christian pilgrimage for over 1,000 years; we’re not going to let the ancient wells of healing, revival and miracles to become closed over!

The Building

A 25,000 sqft warehouse facility in the centre of Scotland's largest city

We have identified a 25,000 square foot building in the city centre of Glasgow, close to hotels, motorway and rail links and only fifteen minutes from Glasgow International airport. The site includes a large, landscaped car park and high quality office facilities.

You are partnering in a high-faith miracle

A project on this scale and visionary scope is exceptionally rare in the ‘post-Christian’ landscape of UK & Europe (at least in the last 50 years). However, we believe that a small cohort of key individuals and churches are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to make this miracle happen – to bless the nations, for the glory of God and to expand the Kingdom of Jesus.

We are completely "crowd-funded"

This remarkable project – and everything that we do at Global Prophetic Alliance – is only possible because of the generosity and vision of people like you. This is sometimes known as “crowd-funded” but is essentially the church being the church!

Although we have a massive international ministry reach and impact through our broadcasting and ministry travel, our base is very small and our local church community mostly consists of the families who work and minister with the charity. We do not have the wealth or resources of a large church and so therefore rely on the giving of our international network of supporters.

Thank you for your courage and sacrifice. Your giving is a work of service to the Kingdom of God. Every donation on this page will be recorded on our donor wall and is restricted for use in our new building project. Please note: should the current building purchase not be completed for any reason we will utilise the funds towards an alternative facility and will communicate this with all donors.

Global Prophetic Alliance is a non-profit charity, overseen by OSCR (the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

Questions and Answers about Giving

Yes, GPA is a charity registered in Scotland as International Network of Prophetic Centres, SC043185. This means that it is regulated by the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator and must demonstrate that it exists solely for charitable purposes. As per charity regulations it is overseen by a Board of Trustees and annual accounts are independently audited, submitted to the regulator and published for full transparency.

All gifts made to the building fund through the donation options on this page will be marked as restricted use. This means that we will only use them for costs associated with the building project – purchases, rentals, fees, taxes, works, maintenance, furnishings, equipment and so on.

If for any reason the current building purchase project is cancelled the funds will be retained for alternative building solutions. All donors will be communicated with as the project is ongoing.

Gifts to non-profit organizations outside of the USA are not normally eligible for tax-deductible giving (you should check with your tax advisor). However, if this is very important to you, we are pleased to offer an alternative way to give, via the “GPA USA” 501c3. This is a daughter ministry of GPA (HQ) and tax deductible giving is via their separate platform. Donations will then be transferred to GPA (HQ).

Note that at this time your donation details will not be held by us (GPA) but instead will be processed by GPA USA. It may therefore take some time before your gift is acknowledged. We apologise for this inconvenience.


Yes you can. The donation form above is our recommended way to make a gift to Global Prophetic Alliance. It’s quick, simple and secure and enables us to easily keep in touch with you, record your donation on our donor wall, and you can view/edit your donation history at any time.

However, we do offer alternative ways to give.

Please use the form above and click on the “Alternative/Offline” option. This helps us to track your giving and keep you informed.

Direct electronic bank transfers 

These are most effective for very large gifts as they usually incur smaller transaction fees (such as card commission). Please email us to let us know when you have made a transfer. Our bank account details for setting up an electronic transfer are:

Account Name: International Network of Prophetic Centres
Bank Name: HSBC Bank 2 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 3LB
Sort Code: 40-22-47
Account Number: 91477951

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): GB20HBUK40224791477951
BIC Code (aka Swift Code): HBUKGB4112A

Money Transfer Services

Again, for larger gifts we can arrange a transfer using one of our preferred transfer services: WISE, CROSSPAY or PAYPAL. Please email us for details.

We would be very keen to discuss potential partnerships with philanthropically minded believers who would be interested in investing in this commercial property in the centre of Scotland’s largest city. Not only could you be making a good return on a sound investment, you would be facilitating the advancement of this global prophetic resource, and receiving the Heaven-backed blessings that would come from that. Contact Dan Graham (GPA’s head of finance), or David and Emma Stark if this is something you think you can help us with.

Thank you so much for sowing into this ministry. We are so grateful for every gift we receive. We could not do any of this – events, training, ministry, broadcasting, intercession, and resourcing without your help. This current building campaign is a separate funding appeal from our regular fundraising and we need both streams of income in order to continue. Therefore, we ask that if you would like to sow into the building project that you do this as a new, additional gift. Thank you so much.

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It is our joy to celebrate those who are sowing into GPA’s new building. Our “donor wall” honors those who have given as a Cornerstone, 500 Foundation or Prophetic Bricklayer donor.


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